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Founder | Publishing Consultant

     A Business leader with decades of experience in operations, finance, accounting, corporate planning and analysis, strategic investments and acquisitions.  Mark is also Managing Director of our parent organization, Ottima Group, LLC.  Prior to starting the Ottima Group, Mark was the founder of Business Planning International specializing in small business logistics, remote systems applications for business collaborations, creating business plans, project analysis, financial models, and solution implementations.   

     Mark held positions at Rayonier Inc., a multinational forest products company, where he served in numerous roles including Director Corporate Planning & Analysis, responsible for the planning and analysis of strategic growth and acquisition opportunities in the US and Australia,  Assistant Corporate Controller, leading financial, accounting, and systems functions for Forestry, Real Estate, and Wood Products Divisions, Corporate Director of Financial Planning, responsible for forecasting, budgeting & strategic planning functions.  Mark also held financial management positions at Ingredient Technology Corporation a food ingredient processor and importer; as well as, Microdot Inc., a manufacturer of industrial, automotive, and aerospace subassemblies.  

     Mark is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University and received an MBA in Finance from the University of Connecticut.

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