An Author's Personal Chaperone

to Success

You have a unique story to tell.  We have a unique approach to helping you shine!  Your goals are our goals.  

We are senstive to costs and  tailor services to your needs at reasonable rates.


The world of publishing and marketing your book can be daunting.  Planning with clearly stated goals is the first step.  Let our intimate team of professionals with specialized proficiencies shepherd your work through the steps to success. 



Wherever you are in the process, from an idea to a published book in hand, allow us to fashion a strategy tailored to your goals that fits hand in glove with the story you have to tell and sell, all targeted to your primary and secondary audiences.


At Giro di Mondo, we are results oriented.  That is why step one, planning, is the foundation of success.  We deliver on the intended results.  We treat each book as if it is our own, with sensitivity and professionalism.

We want you to succeed because it reflects well on us.


Marie and Mark at a famous fountain, in Las Vegas!

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